Meghan Lucas

Yoga Teacher, Pilates Instructor, Backpacking and Climbing Instructor

Who even am I?

I am the wild woman. Smasher of patriarchy. Climber of mountains. Meditator. Pursuer of the "impossible." Destroyer of illusion. Mediocre and ever-improving

guitar player. Meat, dairy and gluten consumer. Heart-first lover. Recovered addict. Rape overcomer, because just surviving isn't and never will be enough. Eating-disorder beater. Navy veteran. Seeker of experience. Seeker of real connection. Seeker of the supreme power of love.

I consider myself of the tribe of women, the goddess's special creations, who will

shift this planet from old to new by reuniting with the wild, intuitive, unapologetic feminine energy of creation. We are the queens of life, and if this makes you feel uncomfortable then GREAT! Explore it, or reach out to me and we can explore it together. Get rid of the notion that self-work is nothing but roses. It's mud, it's rain, it's UNDOING a lifetime of patterns, and from it all the lotus of our hearts will blossom in the light of the sun.


Our existence is our purpose. What we choose to do with it is our play, our expression of freedom.


Lander, Wyoming and Boulder, Colorado

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If you are interested in a private lesson, a duet, or a closed group class, reach out here. Space, props, and certain equipment are provided.

Meghan Lucas

307 330 3026

Lander, Wyoming and Boulder, Colorado

United States