The road so far...

I am an E-RYT 200, RYT 500, YACEP, and am a yoga and Pilates instructor from Laramie, Wyoming. Through my years-long practice I overcame obesity in my early 20's and Post Traumatic Stress from time in the US Navy. After five years of practice, I took the plunge and received my 200-hour certification from Hot Power Yoga in 2014, my 300-hour certification from training with Shannon Paige in 2016, and my Master Pilates Certification from the Pilates Institute of Boulder in 2017. I have also studied hundreds of hours with Douglas Brooks, Paul Muller-Ortega, Jeanie Manchester, Gary Kraftsow, Richard Miller, James Fox, and many others to deepen my academic understanding of philosophy, history, physical anatomy, energetic anatomy, and my own practices of asana and meditation.

My genuine hope for my time with every student is that you are comfortable, or learn how to be comfortable, in your own body. Being who you are, just as you are. It is from that place that we can set goals and create methods of self-enhancement, from knowing that ALREADY, you are enough, I am enough. I spent a long time uncomfortable with who I was, and it took an incredibly long time to realize I have to practice loving and affecting who I am to access inner peace and contentment. From that practice others have spurred, and there is always something more waiting for us, just beneath what we think is the deepest layer. Our bodies and minds can become our playgrounds, and as we find more and more depth we are simultaneously carried closer and closer to our connection with absolutely every ONE.

It is important to me to share a few other, more random pieces of myself. I believe the greatest pooch in all the land, Bear Dog, is my soul mate - I think my husband has accepted this. I love my home, I love Wyoming, so deeply that I honestly shed tears each time I cross the border. The space, the wind, the wild, it moves me and makes me feel more real, more SOLID, than I have ever felt before. I have secret dreams of being a rock star with a voice that would make Aretha Franklin say Hallelujah. My pride, to my fault, can lead me to take on too much and believe I'm more able and more prepared for endeavors than I actually am. But this is a part of my process, and while some may debate it is not necessary, it has been my reason for making many of the great leaps of my life, into passion, into the difficult lessons of failure, into love, and into joy.