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Individual yoga lessons

Individual yoga nidra, meditation lessons

Individual Pilates lessons


Personalized class plans and templates

One-on-one time

A 60-minute public class can't always answer your questions. In your practice, sometimes a private lesson will serve you best. 



Walking into a public space, being next to someone who has practiced for years, can be incredibly intimidating, let alone knowing what pants to wear, what Uttanasana means, and whether or not its ok to stop and drink water. Together, we can prepare you for that endeavor by focusing on establishing movement and breath patterns common to most classes, and finding YOUR variation of different kinds of postures - seated, standing, twists, backbends, and forward folds. These shapes help us access and open up our bodies, so the work isn't to look like someone else in Downward Facing Dog, it's to feel your way into your own interpretation based on key actions. In this way you can have confidence that regardless of the class you choose to attend, you will know how to care for and align your own body. This alignment paves the way for subtler openings, and continued concentration on body and breath are methods of slowing down and quieting the surface mind. This is how a physical practice becomes meditative.

Already have an established practice?

Is there a specific asana or transition that you want feedback on, or to build sequentially towards? A sacred text you'd like to explore and apply to your own life? Something in-between? This would be YOUR time, it is all about what you are hoping to get out of it. From philosophy to anatomy, we can discuss and you can practice what you have been itching for. Freedom and play, Svātantrya and Lila, are your invitations for this time - if you want to pursue it, it is worth pursuing.

Yoga Nidra and Meditation

Sometimes yoga isn't physical, and I personally believe we are not told this enough as students and practitioners. If what you are seeking is a more connected relationship with your body, Yoga Nidra will guide you there. Often called "yogic sleep," it is the work of being aware across all states of consciousness, including sleep. Simply, it is a guided process of exploring the physical and energetic realms of you. You will feel into the sensations present or not present in each part of the body, sensations of your breath as it moves freely or as you direct it, and eventually the sensations of your emotions and certain images as they land in your body and breath. This is how we come to know our tendencies, which we could also call our reactions and responses, and as they become illumined in our awareness we then have the freedom to affect, or change, them as we choose. It is how we align with what we wish to be true for ourselves.

Meditation is a bit more encompassing than Yoga Nidra. It takes us from the place of contemplation towards something more. Like Sally Kempton says, there are an unlimited number of doors we can walk through to get there. What we can do together is find a path that works for you. The idea is to be EXCITED by the work. If it is a chore, something you dread, it will not help you reach a meditative state, and fleeting states of samadhi will remain elusive. It seems obvious enough, but in the U.S. we have this idea that SUFFERING is good, if we just SUFFER enough we'll get the results we desire. It doesn't mean that we simply lay back and say "take the wheel," but it DOES mean we take the time to find the current you don't have to swim against every time you come to a seat to practice. The right tool will help guide you, your method is just as important as your commitment to it.


Mat Pilates

Strengthen your container by strengthening your center. Mat Pilates is often referred to as "core" work, but this is a real disservice to the beauty that unfolds when committed to the practice of building stamina, strength, and synchronization of muscles from the inside out. The exercises focus greatly on trunk muscles, which include the

back body, the pelvic floor and adductors (inner thighs) alongside what we

generally consider our abs, and this centered focus helps us stabilize our body

during movement with the muscles that were made to do so. Because many

of us don't build up our core musculature, we tend to ground or support our

body instead with the muscles of our limbs, which are stronger. This means,

however, that our shoulder muscles and leg muscles are hindered to a certain

extent. Rather than using all the muscle fibers for the movement at hand,

many of them are already being used to hold balance in our bodies, so full

use AND full range of motion are limited. When we learn to balance from our

center, we have full use and range of our limb muscles and we can even

breathe easier. 

I am committed to Joseph Pilates' classical sequence of 34 exercises, and

together we can re-wire your muscle memory to begin every action from your

center, and to sequentially engage muscles to create whole body movements, making the practice holistic and meaningful. 

Pilates is how you can build a relationship with your center, your container, the seat of yourself. It is also ABmazing supplemental training for runners, climbers, bikers, swimmers, tennis players, ANY sportswoman or man.



If you'd like very personalized feedback on something specific, send me a video and I'll respond with a breakdown of your anatomical and energetic subtleties alongside a list of next steps, personal study expectations, and challenges to turn your seeds of potential into beautiful trees. We can work together to ensure evolution in your practices. Reviews can be done individually or as a series.

Personalized Class Plans, Templates

Don't have time to make it to the studio a few times a week? No problem! If you have enough space to roll out your mat on the floor at home, personalized class plans will grant you the freedom to work with your schedule in a fluid, realistic manner. Based on your needs, I will create three separate class plans of varying length, then send you PDFs and audio files for your indefinite use. 


If you are a teacher and feeling a lull in inspiration, I can provide templates or specific class plans so you can see from a different vantage point, deepen your knowledge and build your skill set.


Standard Pricing:

Ask for pricing details for a series

Yoga, 1 hour, $75

Mat Pilates, 1 hour, $60

Review, 1 60-minute video, $50

Class plans/templates, includes set of 3, $75

*A certain number of sliding scale students can be taken each month. Reach out if you would like to know more!*