Public Classes

Ananda Health and Wellness Center:

Wednesday 12pm-1pm

Foundational Align and Flow - A practice for students interested in establishing a foundational understanding of yogic postures, breathing exercises, and meditative calm to progress towards level two (and beyond!) public classes. This is an opportunity to begin and build upon your inner journey through harnessing focus, practicing appropriate alignment, and learning functional movement patterns. This class will include detailed instruction, build from simple to complex, and cultivate essential confidence in students understanding of how their unique body interacts with each shape and intention.

Wednesday 430pm-530pm

Pilates for Cross-training - Get rid of your climbers/hikers/skiers hunch while simultaneously building power. You will learn Pilates exercises to increase strength in the core (stop those barn doors!) and build the mind muscle connection between brain and belly. This will help you engage your stabilizing muscles and lengthen your limb muscles simultaneously, giving you more versatility in daily movement and athletic endeavors. Add this perfect and perfectly affordable cross-training to your workout regimen towards climbing/hiking/skiing as your strongest and most stable self this season and next.

Wednesday 6pm-715pm

Flow and Deep Release - Find fluidity in your movement and breath as a way to encourage length in your muscles and prepare for restorative work towards the end of class. This is a great way to settle into a state of calm for the evening.

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Friday 5pm-6pm

Prenatal Yoga - A six-week series beginning September 7, 2018. A low-impact movement class including appropriate breath work and guided meditations to connect on a deeper level with your growing baby as well as the new sensations inside. We will begin each session with a brief discussion, not only to help you gain greater awareness and understanding of your transformation but to also build a community of knowing women who can support you throughout the entirety of your pregnancy.


A non-exhaustive list of the benefits of yoga while pregnant include:

  • Calm mind

  • Reduced anxiety and stress

  • Better sleep

  • Improved blood circulation

  • Increased strength, stamina, and flexibility in the body, particularly in the muscles critical for childbirth

  • In some cases shown to alleviate lower back pain and headaches, as well as shortness of breath

  • Reduced nausea

  • Lower risk of preterm labor and intrauterine growth restriction

  • Awareness and potential prevention of Diastasis Recti